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Small Baits For Big Carp´s!!!!


Now, at the boilie age, we shouldn´t forget all the small milestones from the past, which caught a lot of big carp´s. Some carphunters use them nowadays only for feed up their spot, but all of them, we can use as a hookbait as well.

With this small seducers, I mean all sorts of particles – like nuts, beans, peas or different kinds of cereals.

If we take a small notice of how to present or prepare all of them, we have really good chances to get a big one.

Another advantage of this kind of bait´s is, that they are very cheap, compare to the boilies, we can get them very easily and their preparation goes much faster than to roll our boilies.

Many carp hunters think, that this particles will bring only all the whitefish – like bream or tench – to your spot and they will care-worning all the carp´s, or the carp wouldn´t find enough food, because of all this unliked monsters.

Against this theorie, we could say, that we could put easily more small baits at our spot, if there is a large population of this whitefish in the lake or river.  If there are lot´s of bream or barbels around our food, they will eat our 15 – 20 mm boilies as well, without any problems.

A big advantage of all sort´s of small baits is, that the fishes have much more work during their feeding time and they want get satisfied to fast and if we are lucky, sometimes the fishes are falling in a real feeding-intoxication.

I´m sure, that the carp´s will find easier the way to our spot if all the smaller fishes are making a party their, instead of their will lay around only a few boilies and nothing else.

It depence also, how much fishing-pressure is at our destination, because if the carp´s know already that there is something wrong with that big food spot´s, maybe they´re going to be too cautious and swim away instead of comming for dinner.

If we fish at lake for example, with a lot of pressure for the fishes and where they get every week all different sorts of boilies and particles, maybe a few bait´s around the hook will bring us much better results.


Let´s make a quick journey in the world of different particles.

It´s very important, that we use only particles with a perfect quality – not old, rotten or mouldy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you prefer to use peanuts or related kinds of nuts, that is very,very important and also, that you´ve to boil them before you use it for feeding. They could have the cancer-germ “Aflatoxine” and this is really unhealthy for all fish.

There is a big variety of different sizes or types of particles, like corn, Kidney Beans, Black Beans, White Beans, Pinto Beans, Soja Beans, Birdfood, Chinese Beans, Barley, Oats, Wheat, Hemp,Tigernuts…………

When we use them, we should always soak them before und than boil them with plenty of water. After this procedure, all of them will gain some more volume and if they´ve some dirt or exicant of disease on it, they will die or becoming clean. This is importend specially for other fishes. For the carp for example is the growing of the particles not so important, because he has no stomach – only a verv long intestine. So, if  you put in this unsoaked particles and he eats them right away, they will start to grow in his intestine and if he eats too much of them, they will leave him right away at his backside. It´s like you would make popcorn in a tube, so when they are ready and there is no more space, they will leave the tube on the other end. For other kind of fishes, which have a stomach, they can become really injured with this growing and if it´s really too much, their stomach can burst and they will die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I prepare my particles like this: I put 1 part of particles in a bucket and than I put 2 parts of boiling water over them. You can already put some flavour, tomato soup, chicken- or beef soup, curry, garlic……..,  to them. After this I close the bucket very well and let it stay until the next day. Then I  put the corns in a pot to boil them up and than fill it back in my bucket to let them cool down – now they are ready to use!!!!! If I prepare my tiger nuts, I do exactly the same, but I do it at least one week before I gonna use it. If they stay already cooked so long in that water, they getting realy slimy and the carp´s love this taste. I just mix this slimy sirup – it´s like wall-paper paste – with some  method mix or another crumb mix and ready is some delicious carp meal!!!!!!!!!!

When we cook the particles too long, than we destroy all vitamins and the whole nutritive value of them – the fishes will eat them also in the beginning, but if we are planning a longer feeding campaign, they are going to eat less and less, because they will feel, in this food is no more power at all and it doesn´t bring anything for their body.


Another version is, to let the particles germ (spring out!!).

In this type of particles preparation, the starch from the corn will be split up in grape-sugar and the protein split´s up in free aminoacids. The vitamin value in the particles increases at this time very much and even the fishes like this seedling much more than only soaked or cooked particles!!!!

If you want to try this, you´ve to soak the corns until they don´t absorb any more water.

Than you´ve to throw away all the rest of the water. The best germ temperature is between 18 – 22 C, but you´ve to make sure, that the particles are always´s moisty and not wet or dry!!!!!!!!! You could even leave them in a closed bucket or you spread them over a wet towell and also cover them with that – they have to be in darkness!!!!

You could easily put some more layer´s of each other, but always´s look that they are warm and moisty!!!!!!!!!

When the germ comes out and he has almost the length of the corn, than our particles are ready. If you want to make it extra super, you´ve to freeze the particles now over night, because then will the rest of the starch split off in sugar and the corn´s get more natural sweetness. You could give during the preparation also some flavour or taste to the corn.

Don´t forget, this version is nothing to be used for nuts or beans, because of the mould fungus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If we´ve our fishfood ready, we can think about the two importend things:


How we feed them??????

How we can use them as a hookbait?????


For the first thing, we can use different helpers:

-         The easiest way is, to use a boat – but it´s sometimes not allowed.

-         The next possibility is one number smaller – a electro bait boat.

-         If you try your luck not too far away from the shore line, you can also use an bait rocket on a heavy rod.

-         The groundbaiter is the next useful helper, when we just fish in front of us. We can throw with him even single particles, or whole bait-ball´s or we press some method mix in the food press and throw them out.

-         The next is the use of an PVA Bag or PVA mesh tube, which we throw out together with our hookbait.

-         Some shops sell also different kinds of feeding leads or you use a typical method lead.


For the particle presentation as a hookbait, there is no magical trick´s at all.

The bigger kinds, tiger nut, beans……., we just use it like a boilie on the hair.

If you want to use small partikles, you can buy from Kryston the particel glue “Boogey”.

He is specially disigned for small particles. The best thing is, to put a small kork ball on your hair – than you´ve to put a little bit of Boogey around and now you press this “glue-ball” in the dry and uncooked particles – like hemp, birdfood… - so long, until you get a real particle pop up boilie!!!!!!


Even of the high popularity of the boilies, we always´s should have a few particles with us, specially when our scaled friends know already all different kind´s and taste´s of the boilies, than it´s our turn with this little temptations to get some real monster´s on our unhooking mat!!!!!!!!!!!





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