ENGLISH - Mr. Carp !!!

Mr.Carp – your dinner is ready!!!!!!!!!


If you think about the life of a carp – they couldn´t have it better.

They just have to swim around al little bit and collect all the nice food, which they get from all this carp-fanatic´s and on the top they can pick up every natural food, wich lives in the water.

We just give them everthing – all the different sorts of boilies, from hard to soft, from sweet to fishy, from white to black or in mixt colours and than also all the different particles – they just could life like a “maggot in the bacon” and could grow up for many years – at least so long, until they didn´t take the wrong bait and after their last fight, they make acquaintance with an deep-freezer!!!!!!!!


We´ve now the middle of may and the temperatures are almost konstant and even the weatherforecast meant, that should be a perfect weekend for carpfishing.

My friend and me, we just took one day off and started to get ready for an one night stand at our lake.

As we arrived their, we met an other friend of us, which was already out a few day´s and he explained us, that´s the carps are very hungry and we just came to the right time, to take a few fotos from him and a 20+ mirror.

We loaded up our boots and went to a spot on the other side of the lake, where also the warm westwind came right on.

As soon as our bivvy´s and tackle been on the right place, we searched for a few good spots and baited up the some handfulls of boilies – hopefully it takes not too long, until we get our first contact???????

After a few hour´s, my carp sounder began to sing his loveley song, but that time in a very unusual way. I was listening to him a very short time and than stopped the music and I felt an not too powerful enemy. The end of this solo-song was an tench with almost 5 pounds. Here we say:” Every beginning is not so easy!!”

At least we got an activity after such a short time, but it was really not was we expected.

I brought back my bait on the spot and just put back my rod on the pod, as the electrical helper from my friend began to sing – but this time  only  the full-power carp-angler music.

The fish tried to swim to all the sunken trees and branches, so the only way to prevent him fom this idea, was just to jump in the boat and play “Dancing with the carp!!”.

The fish pulled the boat a little while and than he got no more power anymore, so he almost swam into the net. It was not a really big carp, but this fish was very strong, which you could even saw on his big finns and tail and he was in an excellent shape.

In this lake, there are not only the trees which could give you the rest – we´ve got also thousands of crayfish which are very active at night and also a lot of mussels.


The next aktivity came very quick, but not as a tone from our´s  electronical carp sing-sung mashines – instead from the frying pans, where the steaks took a seat.

What could you wish more????????

A nice food and maybe something cold in form from beer and on the side a beautiful sunset.

But it´s always´s the same, you haven´t even started – so you could wait for the next run.

Why should it be other this time????? My friend jumped to his rod and tried a very short fight, hopefully the food wasn´t too cold, until the end.

After a short time, we could see the fish the first time and we both said:” that´s the Traitor!!!”

We both knew this fish very well, because it was a black&white Koi, wich raised the last two years about 26 cm in lengh and he had now 7 kg – when he catched him first time in 2001, the Koi had only 51 cm!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After this disturbing, we both went back to the very pleasant part of the carpfishing and we got at least a few hour´s no more visitor on our carp-mat.

At midnight, my carp-sounder woke up again with a drop-bait, but at soon my hanger was all the way down, he jumped up again with fullspeed and I couldn´t even stop this fish on his way. The carp swam very powerful always´s in the same speed, without any changes or shaking his head. The whole fight was very quiet and even on my carp-canapee, or with the flashlight, this fish made no trouble at all.


The carp´s started feeding now really heavvy and even we could hear their jumping and rolling out at the lake. We could get five more fishes until the sunrise. After our last guest, it was really time for an good coffee and we didn´t even think about, laying down again, because it wouldn´t even take too long, until the alarmclock starts singing again.

I was lucky, to helped three more mirrors for an short trip at the fresh air to make some fotos.


Here in Germany, we say: “You should stop, when it´s fine!!!”

After lunchtime, we started to pack all our thing´s and got ready to go back to our cars – at least, we had a wonderful short-session and with a little bit of luck, it will be come again this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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