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Baitpresentation !!!!!


I´m sure, this subjekt could fill easily a whole book. It depends always on each single fisherman and his used techniques.


There are a few fundamental  methods or rules, which we can use for most of our baitpresentation:


-         the whole rig should be most inconspicuous for the carp!

-         the fish shouldn´t get any injury or hurt!

-         it should work perfect when we´re casting, without any estimatetation!

-         it should be easy for us to fit the rig perfect to the feeding area!

-         if the fish suck´s in our bait, it should hook him immediately!

-         our used material has to be strong enough to protect the fish from breaking off  our line, while he is fighting with us!


First of all, we should think about, wich tackle and rig we could use on our spot and if we´ve to bring out our bait by boat or we can cast it.

If we look at our spot, we should know, how the soil condition are be – is it a hard ground with stones or mussels or maybe sandy or with a lot of mud??????????

If we´ve any kind of hard underground, we can use even very short rig´s, if we got some mud or weed, we should use maybe some longer rig. If we fish in a very muddy area and our heavy lead sinks in so much, that even the boilie is under the mud, it´s really not a big problem for a carp to find our bait if he is feeding in this area.


Let´s start with a fixed lead. We can use it even as a Inline- or as a Safty-Bolt lead.

It should have at least 80 g to hook the fish very quickly.

If we use any kind of running-lead, it doesn´t matter how heavy the lead is, it always depends how far we want to cast. When we prefer this technique, then we can renounce even of the tube, because it could make also some resistance. For this kind of carpfishing, we can find also a lot of different leads which are already fixed on a stiff tube in different forms or sizes.

I prefer mostly the Inlineleads with a slit, because this type is very easy to change or to pack away when I´m finish with fishing.

A very good idea are the attractor-leads, where you can put in a small PVA cap which you can fill up with an injection of any kind of flavour.

If you use any kind of snagleader, please make sure, that your lead can slide over the connectionknot.


If I´ve to fish a very far distance or at a river, I prefer more the ballform, because this leadform will hold much better on the ground and it has the best hook-effect. My ball´s have always mor then 150 g!!!


The next important thing is our rig. We can choose between a lot of different kinds from a lot of different dealers. I prefer some of the Kryston collection. My rig is always so short as possible – let me tell you why:

I was watching the feeding of the carps many hours, even underwater or in my big aquarium. Sometimes they just stood over the boilie and sucked it in, without any movement of their head, and blowned it out immediately.

If we use in this case a long rig, the fish can play endless with our bait, without getting hooked and we will never recognize his playing. If we´ve a short rig, even a small  movement of the fish will be enough that our hook will pierce the carp and he becomes terrifyed and swims away and our heavy lead will pull down the hook much deeper in his mouth!!!!


If we fish in a muddy area or between a lot of weed, we should prefer a little bit longer rig. The only good thing if our lead is sucked in the mud is, that the self-hooking-effect  is much stronger. All different kinds of poped up baits are very useful in this conditions or we put our whole rig together with the lead in a big PVA-sack (maybe also a little bit of particles or cut boilies…..) and place this in our baited area!!!!!


Another little problem which we could get, if we don’t use a monofil rig, is that the line swims up between the lead and our hookbait. In that case we could put a little bit of Kryston knead-lead between our fingers and rub it at the whole rig.!!!!!!!


When we think about to make a new rig, we´ve also a lot of different choices:


-         We could use only one line – even monofil or braided!

-         The next is, that we make a stiff-rig – that means, we´ve to use a stiff material, even a thick monofil or something like the Kryston Mantis, Snake-Skin

or Snake-Bit!

-     If we connect a soft and a stiff material together, we get a combi-rig. Sometimes is not so easy to make a very well knot betwee this different materials, so we can also use a small swivel between them!


The next important thing will be our hook. We´ve the choice between hundrets of different sizes or shapes. The 100 % carphook whitch fits for every bait and situation we want find anywhere. We must always think about which bait and which size of the bait  is right for the size or shape of our hook.

One thing is for all hook´s the same: They´ve to be very sharp and pointed!!!!!!!!!!

We should always control this, before we use them or after we hooked a fish or something else!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To knot our line on the hook, I always use the knotless knot. I use only hook´s with a straight  eye or which looks to the inside of the hook. When I finished my knot, I always put the line from the outside thru the eye – never from the inside to the outside!!!!!!!!

Another small trick is, to make your hair variable – that means, you can use different kind´s or sizes of bait without changing your whole rig!


What can we do with our hookbait to make it more attractive????


-         first of all, we can put it in a dip or flavour!

-         after we dipped him, we could put him in a bait-powder, which gives him after drying, a very slimy surface!

-         the next alternative is to use an PVA-stringer – where we can put a few whole or half boilies!

-         one number bigger is the use of a whole PVA-sack or reacently all different kinds of the mesh-tubes (Korda usw…..)!

-         if we´ve feeded up with particles, we could use a pop up over this carpet!

-         Another kind of presentation is to make a “snowman” – that means, that we put first a sinking boilie on our hair and then an pop up of the top. Both should have the same size, otherwise the poppy cannot stand up!

-         Many of the carphunters are using a dough-lead – better known as            “The Method”, which is a very old trick, to put some dough arround the lead!

-         The angling industrie has a lot of different  ready doughs in all different tastes or colours which we can knead evenarround our boilie or particles!

-         If we want to fish with little particles, like birdfood or hemp, the Kryston “Boogey” particle glue will help us a lot !



Last but not least I will say, that we will never find an absolut perfect rig, which we can use in any situation, the same is with our bait – we will never get an 100 % carp bait. All our bait´s and feeding materials are just like a nice cookie for the fishes, which will never be so good like their natural food.

We should be always very carefully how we fish,  were we want to fish, if there are carps arround and how are the  underwater conditions are at our swim.


What helps us the best equipment and the best bait´s, if we sit at a swim where never swims any carp arround??????????






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