ENGLISH - Euro Carp 2005

Euro Carp Event 2005 at Domaniow Lake/Poland



This year the first international carp event in Poland was held at Lake Zalew Domaniow from 6 to 10 June, 2005.

The participation fee for this event was around 175.- € per person and there were prizes of a value of more than 25.000.-  € as well as a Toyota Corolla Kombi for the winning team.


The 950 km trip from Nürnberg to Radom/Poland  was not always easy because there was a lot of traffic and many, many construction sites. However, after 10 hours of drive and survive, we could see the lake for the first time.

It´s a really new reservoir, as they dammed up the little river Radonka and it´s size measures approximately  400 – 500 hectars.

The first teams had already arrived at the meeting place and the welcome party which took place in the evening was really well organized, with even a fire-work display at the end.

The starting place was drawn the next morning and took a little bit longer because there were still 12 teams missing which had not shown-up at the cup which meant, that there were even some unoccupied places.

All in all a total of 133 teams from 12 different countries started. After arriving at our place, we started to set-up our bivvys and began to plump around, so we knew a little bit what it looked like under water. The big problem at our spot was that the water was really shallow, so we could walk in the lake for  30 – 50 m and the water didn´t even reach our knees. 

Further still  there was nothing special in the lake and it was only around 1,5 m deep. It really looked like a very big swimming-pool – but what could we do?

We fed in a few spots at different distances and then we had to wait anyway for the start signal at 6 p.m. The weather was very varied and we had everything from sun to rain and also a strong westernly wind directly at our spot.

After the start signal, we threw out our bait and the waiting time for the first beep from our Delkims began. At 00.15, Johanns Delkim gave us a real good wake-up call and the result was a nice mirror of 8 kg. That wasn´t a bad start – was it????

When we received the results the next morning, we learnt that only 5 carps had been caught amongst all the teams. The organizer said in the first evening that at this lake there are really a lot of carp and as big as around 20 kg, but what could we do if they were not hungry or they had a problem with this kind of changing weather conditions?

On Tuesday, the catch-list was as follows:

1.      Poland 16 kg

2.      Germany 9,6 kg

3.      Germany 8 kg

4.      Poland 5,4 kg

5.      Germany 4,7 kg


The whole Tuesday was very quiet at our spot, but some of our neighbours were really stressed with their bait-rockets, catapults or cobra sticks. It was unbelievable how much bait they had put at their spot in the morning and again in the evening yet none of them caught a fish or even had a single beep. This continued until the last evening and we almost thought that at some spots a little bait island would come up through the surface.



The following night came and the temperature fell to 10° C. We didn’t get a single bite and on the whole lake there was only one team which caught a single carp of

3,9 kg! It was really not the kind of fishing everybody had expected.

The weather on Wednesday changed from cool too colder and the wind now blew directly from the north. In the afternoon we had a real storm and I almost thought that my carp-hunter bungalow would fly away !

In the evening we received the latest list and Johann and myself were still at 3rd place, altogether 12 carps had been caught – that´s not a lot for almost 530 rods in the water. The night came and the temperature fell to below 8° C and we really wondered if it was the beginning of June or the end of October???

That night it was again quiet and Thursday continued the same way as Wednesday had ended – northernly winds, clouds and very long faces amongst most of the teams. In the afternoon, we had a few sunny minutes, but that didn’t improve the activity of the fishes. The best thing about our place was that the food- and drink service were very good and also there were no rats, mice, ants or ticks – that was all  we needed to complete our happiness!

The last night neared and I wondered which bait I should try again to catch even a small carp? I tried everything from two maize corns to tigers, from miniboilie to dog food, from sweet to fishy taste – what else could I put on my hook?????

I tried my maize-rig on one rod and on the other I put a sweet Becker-Boilie and on every bait a PVA-bag with crushed boilies.

The night came and ………. went exactly as the others before – not one fish in the entire section.

A few other teams caught a few small carps on the last night and one German team caught a catfish of 1,10 m on boilie. At 10.00 am the finishing shot was fired and after that everybody went back to the damm for the Prize awards.

I was really surprised when I saw how many prizes and cups were waiting for the guys who had been lucky to catch a carp.


Here is a summary:


-         youngest carp hunter: 2 rods and a bedchair

-         Sector A – E: 1st  place: 2 rods + bedchair +boilie

2nd + 3rd place: 2 rods + chair + boilie

      _    biggest carp: 1 Minn Kota electrical Motor + 1 DVD Plyer

-         Goldcarp: 1 electrical Becker Bait Boat

-         1st Place Team: one Toyota Corolla

-         2nd Place Team: 2 Bruce Ashby rods + 2 Shimano Bait runner reels

-         3rd Place Team: one Fox Evolution Bivvy + 2 Shimano Bait runner reels


These prizes, with exception of the car, were given to each member of the team, as well as a prize cup!


Here is the final list of all the teams which caught carps:


1. Team Tadeusz Przybyea              Poland 16,640 kg

2. Team  Robert Gsaller                  Austria           12,730 kg

3. Team  Christian Fechner              Germany        12,360 kg

4. Team  Andreas Dunst                  Germany        12,150 kg

5. Team  Adam Lemke                     Poland 11,600 kg

6. Team  Andrzej Kwasniak Poland 11,160 kg

7. Team  Sven Büchner                    Germany          8,560 kg

8. Team Johann Lemanczyk Germany          8,050 kg

9. Team  Dariusz Wnetrzak  Poland   7,280 kg

10. Team Margin Krajewski            Poland   5,480 kg

11. Team Marian Kossak                Poland   3,510 kg

12. Team Peter Kovac                      Slowenia           3,340 kg

13. Team Jazef Bartkorbki              Poland   3,090 kg


                                                                                  115,950 kg = 20 carps


Biggest Carp:  11,160 kg caught by Andrzej Kwasniak/Poland




All in all, I have to say that the organizers did a very good job. The spots were clean, the food- and drink service ran very well, everybody could go by car directly to his spot, there were Dixi-WC´s in every section and all the prizes were outstanding considering how little the participation fee was.

The fact that the weather was so cold and the fish wouldn’t feed most of the time couldn’t be helped and no-one can be blamed. The only negative point, which many teams mentioned, was that the distances between the different teams were too short and this should not be the case in an event like this

The organizers should bear this in mind if they intend to make another Carp Cup in 2006!











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